26.2 Full Of Crazy Christmas Ornament (Various Colors)


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  • Accomplishing a marathon is a great milestone for any runner. Show that off and your sense of humor with our 26.2 Full Of Crazy ornament! Our ornaments are great ways to showcase an accomplishment that you can be proud of while also adding a little sparkle to your Christmas tree. These are perfect, beautiful ways to express yourself, your passions and your accomplishments.

    • Available Colors: Red, Blue, Purple, Green
    • Size: 2 5/8" Circular Round
    • Material: Glass
    • FREE gift box included
    • Perfect gifts for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or anytime in between
    • Brighten up your Christmas tree this season
    • Ready to decorate
    • Buy with confidence. Our returns and exchanges are made easy!
    • Save packing peanuts and smaller, sturdy boxes to use for breakable ornaments.
    • Shredded paper is great for cushioning delicate ornaments.
    • Store glass balls separately and in a completely different box away from other decorations.



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